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New Code of Conduct

Here is a list of ideas, submitted from BootsnAll members, fir our new Code of Conduct. If you have any ideas, please send them our way soon!

1. Listen to your gut

2. Find your own piece of quiet

3. Spend a lot of time seeing not much rather than not much time seeing too much and that will allow you to strike up a conversation with at least one local an hour even if they do not understand you nor you them.

4. “VISA; everywhere you don’t wanna be!’

5. Travel to express, not impress. To learn, not only yearn. To observe, not deserve. To reflect, not deflect”

6. Bring yourself with you in your travels. Just remember, you’re not at home.”

7. The meek may inherit the Earth. But they won’t travel it!

8. I will choose a path that’s clear. I will choose free will

9. Any member seen riding an open-top double-decker tour bus around any major city shall be subject to immediate dismissal.

10. Suitcases (even the rolling backpacks) are not acceptable and grounds for dismissal.

11. Take your troubles from home along with you, but ditch them by the side of the road at the first opportunity.

12. Be so polite that you are occasionally mistaken for a Canadian.

13. See the other side of the mountain, see the other side of the world, see the other side of the sea. But bring home the other side of the story.

14. Booties do it Bloggy Style.

15. Any and all Sky Mall purchases will be met with immediate dismissal and possibly a bit of a kicking.

16. Members will not boast about their travel experiences to unless copious amounts alcohol are involved beforehand.

17. If The Creator had meant for a Lonely Planet to be growing out of your face they would have planted one there. Sure, use it as a guide, but don’t be a slave.

18. Find your own cool town, perfect guesthouse, awesome local eatery, secret beach, etc. You’ll (sometimes) discover better stuff, and even when you don’t you’ll have better stories, and the travel skills you develop translate everywhere.

19. Any member who claims his/her method of travel is superior to anyone else’s is just asking for it.”

20. Once and a while when taking a picture, turn 180 degrees and take a picture…sometimes it’s what you are not supposed to be looking at or who is looking at you that that is interesting.

21. Live every day like its your last, ’cause you might wake up dead tomorrow

22. Respect the culture – especially when you don’t agree with it

23. Enjoy the moment, no matter how scary, crazy or cold and wet it is. It may not be fun to be held up at gun point in Phnom Pen or wake up to realise your night bus just skidded off the road in a tropical storm – but you’re definitely alive and you’ll have incredible memories…