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New Globe Trekker Shows for December

gttvI’m back with a little teaser for the new GlobeTrekkerTV shows available for December! Sure, you should probably be out shopping for Christmas goodies or planning how you’re going to decorate your house or where you will spend New Year’s Eve, but wouldn’t you rather sit in front of your computer and watch a travel show? I thought so. Some of this month’s offerings are:

  • Learning about the Russian space program in Moscow
  • Celebrating at the Charles Dickens Festival in Rochester, England
  • Attending a Sami wedding in Lapland, Norway
  • Sampling famous wines in Northern Italy
  • Best beaches, Trinidad & Tobago

Don’t forget to sign up with GlobeTrekkerTV to get the email notifications each month of what’s new, and to be able to download the ones you want to watch. The previews are always free!