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New Globe Trekker Shows for February

GlobeTrekkerTV is out with a new video preview of what’s available for the month of February, so I’m here to tell you about what you can watch this month. Now, normally February is altogether too short, depriving you of a few extra days in which you’d have time to check out the latest Globe Trekker shows… But this year is a Leap Year – so while it’s not exactly 31 days, it’s at least one extra day! So take a look at what’s on offer this month:

  • Ian Wright tours Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  • Megan McCormick gets covered in orange juice at a festival in Ivrea, Italy
  • Sami Sabiti visits some of South Africa’s best vineyards
  • Tyler Florence cooks up some Mole Poblano in Mexico
  • Ian Wright (boy, that guy gets around) gets a close look at Uluru in Australia

Now, if you haven’t done so already, head on over to the GlobeTrekkerTV registration page – sign yourself up and you’ll get monthly notices telling you what’s new. Then you can download whichever ones you want to watch, on your own time. And remember, the previews are free!