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New & Improved Hostel Booking

We here at BootsnAll are never satisfied with a job well done. Instead, we do our best to give independent travelers what they need – and then we work hard to do it better! One recent example of this is our newly improved hostel booking section. It worked fine before, but we wanted to make it even better.

So, after testing a few new features, we are proud to unveil the new and improved hostel section. Like the old system, you can still search through thousands upon thousands of hostels in cities around the world, and read descriptions and see photographs to help you make your decision. But now there are two new things we’d like to introduce to you.

  • Hostel Rating – With our new hostel rating feature, you can rank the hostels you’ve stayed in with a quick thumbs-up or thumbs-down click. You can also write a few notes about why you’re voting the way you are, but this gives you a much faster way to rate the hostels you know. Plus, it gives you an easier way to see how other people have voted when you’re looking for a hostel.
  • City Maps – By far the coolest new feature is the introduction of city maps to the hostel pages. Before, when you read the hostel descriptions you were left wondering what “walking distance to downtown” meant in real terms. Now, on each city page you can click a button to get a map of that city with each hostel plotted on it – so you can see exactly where each hostel is in the city. This way you can figure out which hostels are in the part of town you want to stay in, without reading each hostel description to do so.

We’re excited about these new features, and we think they’ll make booking a hostel even easier. As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please let us know what you think!