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Pardon Our Sneezing

noseblowingWell, it’s winter in Portland, no matter what the calendar says. The weather’s beyond just “chilly” these days, and some of the leaves haven’t even had time to change color before they’re already falling off the trees. The clincher, though, is that pretty much everyone in the office is either sick right now, or has been sick recently.

BootsnAll HQ is like a walk-in petri dish these days.

I was sick last week, and then Sean and Mika got it. Chris seems to think he’s dodged a bullet for the time being, having recovered well after only a couple days of feeling badly, but he just better not get too cocky or it’ll come back to bite him. So far, Aaron, Dave and Bob have managed to stay healthy, and I hope that continues. I also hope the office has become un-germified by the time Donovan returns from his trip to Nepal, or he’ll have an unhappy homecoming.

At any rate, we hope you’re managing to stay away from The Ick this season, and that your environment remains uncontaminated. Don’t forget to wash your hands often, people.