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Patting Our Backs

Ever since BootsnAll started in 1999, we’ve been approving all of our member apps by hand. Honest. We think it’s important – not only because it keeps away the spammers (mostly) but also because we like to welcome people personally. And sometimes, they even write back and say cool/random/neat things, like Nancy:

The reason I joined is because two of us will be going around the world in 2008. I got your web site from a sales clerk at our Mountain Equipment Coop in Edmonton, Alberta. She was ecstatic about your web site so I had to check it out. It was all she promoted it as and more.
Thanks for “accepting” me and I look forward to utilizing your info. links a lot in the near future.

Thanks Nancy and all the other awesome community members that pass on our site. Want to sign up for the boards? You can do it here.