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Planning a Europe Trip – A Slacker’s Guide

paris-metroThis week has been all about planning a Europe trip, and while planning an itinerary can be half the fun of traveling, sometimes you just want to look at pictures and/or be entertained. So I dug around and found our most popular Europe posts of all time, that don’t require much mental effort (your welcome), so you can spend your Friday giggling at Italian swear words and learning about brothels, and then follow our easy Europe itineraries below…

  1. Italian Swear Words – Jessica’s 8 Favorites – Porca vacca! this is one of my favorite posts on our Italy travel guide.
  2. The Most Beautiful Metro Stations in Paris – le sigh… this post could easily be renamed “The Most Beautiful Metro Stations in the World”
  3. Amsterdam brothels – A complete guide – everything you ever wanted to know [or not] about brothels and Amsterdam.
  4. Nine Most Disappointing Attractions in Europe – Ah, the Mona Lisa… I thought it would be bigger…
  5. The 12 Most Beautiful Castles in Europe – pretty pictures galore
  6. French Swear Words: My 10 Favorites – If you didn’t get enough extra vocab from the Italy guide, here are a few more. C’est le bordel!

and now back to planning…
Itineraries & First-Timer Guides:
Italy Itinerary: The Perfect Two Weeks
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(photo: pedrosimoes7)