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Planning a Trip is Half the Fun

Christine at Almost Fearless posted a wonderful article last week about travel planning. In Planning Travel, Almost as Good as the Real Thing, she writes

The expectation of travel can be a rewarding pursuit in itself. The side benefit is that well-researched trips not only go off smoother, but seem richer. A course in Art History, makes a trip to a famous museum even more interesting as you consider the artist’s history, how they were shaped by their time and the impact they had future generations. Seeing a painting for the first time verses seeing a painting you’ve read about extensively can be a totally different experience.

Even if you can’t afford to travel right now, researching and planning a trip is still free. One of the must fun trip planning tools at BootsnAll is the RTW Trip Planner. I’ve spent many hours plugging in my dream round-the-world itinerary, and even marveled at how affordable some RTW tickets can be.

If RTW isn’t your style and you’d prefer to dream about trips to a particular region or destination, head over to our Adventure Trips section. A lot of independent travelers think group trips are boring, stuffy, and isolating. At BootsnAll, we specially select the ones that even independent travelers can love — small groups, run by local guides, that give access to the culture and customs in a way that travelers just can’t arrange themselves. Here are 3 trips to Peru that get you off the beaten path to get your planning started.