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Positive Feedback is a Good Thing


I love all that BootsnAll has to offer the independent traveler, and I’m still always really glad to hear someone say they’re finding useful information on the site.

The coffee shop around the corner from my house is, for obvious reasons, a place I go frequently. I know all the baristas. One of them is about to take off in April for a two-year Peace Corps stint in Eastern Europe, so a few weeks ago I mentioned that maybe she’d like to start a travel blog so she could keep her family and friends back home updated on what she was up to. She sounded like she was interested, but I had no idea… When I went in this morning for my coffee, she looked at me and said, “I got on BootsnAll yesterday and then spent four hours reading stuff! There is so much information there!” She was really excited reading about other people’s trips and overseas experiences, and also about eventually setting up her blog before she leaves. Now I can’t wait to read about her adventures from the other side of the world.