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Procrastination Week Round-up

It’s National Procrastination Week, so I decided to start posting on Fridays instead of Mondays. Clever, yes?

My favorite travel stories this week:

  • Best Architecture Cities in the World Stellar photos of the gorgeous Parc Guell in Barcelona, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, and a few more. How many have you been to?
  • “I cringe whenever I see ‘travel clothes,’ those expensive, uber-zippered, earth-toned, polyester abominations. Never wear anything on the road you wouldn’t wear at home.” — Franz Wisner, author of Honeymoon With My Brother, in last week’s How I Travel.
  • “Many people take the day off from work and start their morning with beer and eggs and keep drinking right on through dinner.” Katie Hammel on St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago
  • “A kitchen that can actually support the capacity of the hostel” #7 of 8 Things that Separate Great Hostels from Average Hostels You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to cook without utensils!
  • Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, a fun look at the Best-selling Beers Around the World. Although I was surprised to see Tiger beer missing from the list! Seemed to be everywhere in SE Asia.
  • Six Travel Types You Love to Loathe #2: The Klingon “You meet in the hostel bar and hook up to visit a temple, but as far as you’re concerned that’s where the relationship ends. Sadly, the Klingon has other ideas…” ha! I’m one of those ‘leaves the hostel at 7am’ types (maybe the list should have been 7 travel types you love to loathe?). So there’s a tip for getting rid of followers, just leave before they wake up. 🙂

Remember, Monday is the last day to apply for the BootsnAll Travel Writer program! And no, you can’t use National Procrastination Week as an excuse.