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For the next few months, BootsnAll is publishing a action-packed product newsletter, highlighting travel services and products that can help plan your trip from A to Z, with just a few clicks on your computer. Don’t Worry Travelers!. The same independent, non-commerical, real-travel content will still fill your inbox each month.

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BootsnAll Travel Products Newsletter March 2006
Air Tickets | Accommodation | Transport | Adventure Trips | Travel Gear | Travel Insurance | TEFL

G’day Donovan

Even though BootsnAll has been around for over 7 years, we still have people ask us what we do, but what they really mean is how do we make money. On the one hand that’s cool because it means our travel community and awesome travel stories and resources are still more obvious than any sponsorship and advertising. On the other hand, many people – even long time BootsnAll members – just don’t know that they can book & buy so many travel-related products through BootsnAll.

Not only can you research destinations around the world from BootsnAll, but you can book your entire trip – from beginning to end via BootsnAll. You can buy flights, book hostels, even arrange your visas, buy travel gear, and plan your next adventure.

So beware BootsnAll travel friends! This is a BootsnAll product newsletter. It’s not our standard newsletter full of great content. Instead, it’s full of super cheap-ass, bad-ass, kick-ass travel deals from everywhere around the world. If you want overpriced, overbooked, too-late deals, wait until June 15, get out your visa card, and call your travel agent. You will pay the piper!

We also have two sponsors of this newsletter. If you’re thinking about finding work on a cruise ship to help fund your travel dreams, or if you’re interested in unique adventure camping tours in the US northeast, our sponsors are the companies you’re looking for. Check ’em out!


It’s one of the most expensive costs for a trip. It can break your bank. As the saying goes, "The
earlier you start, the cheaper the prices." It’s not rocket science. It’s not an Albert Einstein
equation. It’s the law of supply and demand, basic economics.

You should buy your airline tickets for summer right now. Not next month or when you get paid. Prices can go
up as much as $500 in less than two weeks.

Cheap US Domestic

This Airfare Engine allows you to search all the major air ticket websites at once.
Someone on BootsnAll got a ticket from the West Coast to the East Coast and back for $150.

International Air Tickets

We have WHOLESALE prices for international tickets. We have very cheap tickets to Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.


If you are planning on going around the world, or just got back, you can share your
trip details with other BootsnAll members.

· Pre-RTW Trip Interview
Post-RTW Trip Interview

Around the World/Multi-stop

Want to travel around the world for cheap? Check these around the world tickets:

New York – Singapore – Saigon / Ho Chi Minh – surface – Hanoi – Vientiane – Angkor Wat (Siem Reap) – Bangkok
– Chiang Mai – Koh Samui – Hong Kong – surface – Beijing – Tokyo – New York
Price: US$1495 +

Buy this


If you have been to any of these hostels, tell us if you hate ’em, love ’em, or want
to recommend them to the world. You can be downright honest about these places.

· Write a hostel review

Most first-time travelers think that a cheap hotel is a $89 at Motel Six off the highway. You have been told
a big white lie. When you travel to other countries, you can get extremely cheap, good accommodations, loaded
with character, with good food, good friends, and good experiences – all for great prices.

BootsnAll has access to reserve over 8,000
, many of which are UNDER $25 per night. What better way to extend your trip than to spend
less on a place you’ll likely not spend much time at.

If you have a little bit more
cash, or you are taking your high maintenance partner (or maybe your mum), or maybe you’re travelling in a
small group, then a hotel is your next best choice. You can book hotels in all parts of the world –
everywhere from Czech Republic, Peru, Costa Rica, India, Thailand and much more.


Ridden the rails before? How was your experience? What tips can you give to

· Eurailing

Gone are the days when traveling through Europe is cheap. Unless you are hitch hiking, to save money you can
buy a Eurail pass, then kick back, relax,
and let them do the driving. Eurail is the cheapest and best way to travel through Europe. Call Dave, our
Eurail expert, for questions. His number is 1-866-549-7614.

Eurostar which takes you under the English Channel is a quick way to get from London to Paris or

South Africa Baz Bus
The best way to
explore South Africa is with Baz Bus, the legendary hop on, hop off service that covers more than 40 cities
and more than 180 backpacking hostels and lodges.


China – Backroad to Kunming
You’ll have the opportunity to visit iconic sights like the Great Wall and
Terracotta Warriors but also head out into the vast plains of Inner Mongolia to spend a night in the
desert. From the diversity of China’s colourful minority groups to the serenity of the giant pandas,
adventure awaits us around every corner on this odyssey across China.


The pyramids, ancient temples, vibrant Nubian culture, world class museums and the
majestic Nile all come together in this fabulous introduction to Egypt. We’ll cruise the Nile on a felucca,
discover the largest and most impressive of pharaonic temples, hang out with the interesting locals and just
have fun.

Climb and Safari

On July 24, we are taking 15 people up to the top of Africa’s highest summit. Half
of the spots are full. Put your deposit in today and come hang out with us in Tanzania.

All our Trips
More than 500 trips in
50 countries around the world. Call Donovan, our adventure expert, for any questions. His number is


There are thousands of outdoor adventure and travel gear products in BootnAll’s Travel Gear site. Search our entire gear site or
you can write
a review
about a product you have used.

Creek Transcontinental Journey Pack

Heading to Europe for a semester, or perhaps just a month long
jaunt to South America? Don’t leave home without this large volume travel pack, complete with security
features and a removable travel pack.

Burton Day Hiker

At home in every situation, the Day Hiker is the final word in pack versatility. The
vertical board carry leaves your hands free to scramble to the summit and hydration compatibility lets you
swill H2O on-the-go. When the call of the wild turns into the screech of the city, tune out with the sound
pocket and removable CD sleeve.

North Face Vortex Triclimate Jacket

The North Face Vortex Triclimate Jackets liner zips out and
becomes a wind resistant light insulated jacket in and of itself.


Get me the hell out of here! Where is my doctor? Do you know how to use that bone saw, Doc? Yes, these are
the things you might say if you are hurt in another country. Cover yourself and you won’t have to worry about
these things.

Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance reimburses you for emergency medical expenses
incurred when you are traveling or living in a foreign country.

Protection Insurance

Trip Protection plans typically reimburse your non-refundable travel
expenses if an unexpected crises occurs before or during your trip causing it to be cancelled, interrupted or

Evacuation Insurance

Depending on the plan, Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance covers the
cost of transporting a seriously injured or ill person.

Call Dave, our insurance and Eurail guru, for any questions regarding insurance. His number is

TEFL – Learn & Teach Overseas

If you have already completed a TEFL experience, BootsnAll wants to interview you.
Submit your TEFL review

Want to avoid a career and the rat race? Want to be an expat? Or tell your college friends that you are
living in a foreign country. Then tell your friends you are learning to teaching English in a foreign country
through our TEFL courses.

Take a TEFL course and then find job placement:

· TEFL in Thailand

· TEFL in Spain
· TEFL in Costa

· More Countries…

» And
that’s not all…

Phew, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for travel products. There are millions of other things like books,
visas, MP3s, etc. Search from BootsnAll homepage and you bound to find whatever you are looking for.

BootsnAll is going to publish some of these newsletters for the next few months, highlighting various travel
products in our travel network. Don’t worry, we will still keep sending you great travel stories and
community news on the first of every month too.

Chris, Nick, Sean, Court, Brett, and Donovan
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