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Promo Video for BootsnAll Meetup in NYC

promoWhat happens when you combine a festive BootsnAll member meetup with two outgoing Booties who have a video camera and some editing skills? You get this promotional video for the upcoming New York BootsnAll meetup, that’s what.

BootsnAll members BillE and Capt Steve took it upon themselves recently to film a series of videos advertising the New York meetup, which is on September 15th. I have it on good authority that there are more videos to come, and I’ll be back to post them when they’re made public. Until then, please enjoy the two videos that currently exist.

The main ad for the meetup is here, and there’s another little teaser involving the potential beverage of choice for the get-together here. There’s a third video as well, but it’s the same as the first promo video only with a different version of the soundtrack. The one I’ve linked here is the more entertaining of the two, in my ever-so humble opinion, because of the “outtake” at the end.

If you want more information about the September 15th meetup in NYC, you’ll find a lengthy thread on the BootsnAll boards discussing the specifics here. I know Bill and Steve would be pleased if their video-making efforts generated more party-goers, so be sure to let them know whether their keen filming abilities swayed your decision to attend one way or the other.