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RTW Travel & the Importance of Community

You may have noted that BootsnAll is the Portland host for this year’s Meet, Plan, Go! event in October. We’re very excited to be a part of MPG, partly because its founders are such great people to work with, and especially because it aligns so perfectly with what BootsnAll has been about from the very beginning – long-term, independent travel.

>> Are you considering a career break? Going on a RTW trip? Then be sure to register for the Portland MPG event on October 18, 2011!

Since BootsnAll started in 1998, we’ve constantly been adding to and refining our collection of RTW trip planning resources, including an incredibly detailed RTW FAQ and a trip planner with a map that will suck you into its vortex (in a good way) and have you dreaming up itineraries for hours. Our goal is to walk you through each step of the RTW planning process so that you can spend more time focusing on the fun parts of planning rather than the drudgery of figuring out what travel insurance you need or how to create a budget – and it’s this same sort of community support that we appreciate so much about what Meet, Plan, Go! is doing.

Between BootsnAll’s travel forums and the Meet, Plan, Go! alumni, you’ll find many incredibly supportive, informative, and encouraging people who either dream of doing a long-term trip or who have wisdom to share from having taken such a trip. The BootsnAll archives in particular are extensive, going back more than a decade. Over time, the advice changes, too. Remember when taking a long trip meant making a mix tape or carefully choosing which CDs you’d bring? Now there are questions about traveling with a laptop or cellphone, or which RTW iPhone apps are best.

We love answering travel questions and sharing what we know. At the same time, there comes a point when apron strings must be clipped and travelers must stand on their own two feet. We’re always here to support travelers – before, during, and after trips – and can’t take the trip for you.

Will you make mistakes along the way? Probably. And then you’ll come back and share what you’ve learned with the community, thereby helping someone else avoid those exact mistakes in the future – leaving them plenty of time to make their own mistakes.