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Should I travel solo?

Two articles caught my eye in the last few days on the pros and cons of traveling solo. Kristy of Nerdy Nomad is a frequent solo traveler, but rediscovered the joys of traveling with others in Good Things About Travelling with a Friend. Amanda, over at Vagabondish, makes the case for Why Everybody Should Travel Solo…Sometimes.

On BootsnAll, the joys and frustrations of traveling solo have been discussed plenty of times over the years. On our travel message boards, there are popular threads like Going It Alone – The Pros and Cons of Solo Travel and Solo travel – How do you stop getting bored?

We even have a Solo Travel Guide that tackles such topics as safety, meeting people, and beating loneliness.

Personally, I’ve traveled solo quite a few times and always had a great time. It opens you up to opportunities and experiences that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise. While traveling solo may not be the ideal way to travel for everyone, fear of going alone should never stop you from taking that once-in-a-lifetime trip.