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Show us your boots!BootsnAll Travel Network was built on the search for the ultimate boot. Now we want to see your boots. Send us pictures of your boots and help us update our Code of Conduct.

Check out the featured travel stories from BootsnAll authors in July, below:

July Featured Travel Stories

The Bamboo Train in Battambang
Joe Ehrlich gets a ride on a Bamboo Train and hopes a “real” train doesn’t come the other way.
By Joe Ehrlich

Goats and Goddesses
Amanda Peskin ponders her good fortune at having met nice goats, guides and goddesses in her first few days in Kathmandu.
By Amanda Peskin

Pride of Medellin
Kristin Mock was beginning to understand the profound complexities of this misunderstood Colombian world.
By Kristin Mock

A Little Taste of How the Upper Ex-pats Live in Mexico…
Anna Gurney sees how the “other half” lives in Mexico – and she’s not sure she likes everything she sees.
By Anna Gurney

The Cave Monasteries of Moldova
Albert F. Englehardt witnesses the monasteries and churches of Moldova as they come back to life.
By Albert Englehardt

Hard Rockin’ in Hurghada
A tale of what happens when a well-meaning tourists goes searching for a Hard Rock Cafe.
By Ekua Ewool

The Cartographers of Antalya
All caveats aside, Chris Sexton thinks the Turks are terrible mapmakers.
By Chris Sexton

United States of America
Art Walk America: Guide to Art Museums in the USA
Art-loving intern Vanya Akraboff waxes on about why museums in the United States are worthy of your attention and which ones you should visit.
By Vanya Akraboff

Five Words for Love
Malta, on its elevated, distant pedestal, gleaming from travel guides and history books, leading a mystical life on a vague splattering of land, was indeed something Kristin Mock imagined worthy of love.
By Kristin Mock

United States
Going Greyhound
While traveling on a Greyhound bus somewhere along the expanse of Interstate 80, Nick Klenske wakes up realizing he needs a change, and a shower.
By Nick Klenske