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Some Things in Travel are Still Free

I could wax poetically about how the best things in life are free, but when someone mentions “travel” and “free” in the same sentence, you really just want them to cut to the chase.

Traveler’s Notebook has a great article on How to Travel the World for Free (Seriously), featuring 9 tips that can get you traveling even when cash is tight.

Budget Travel’s Ultimate Guide to Free Travel is a few years old by now, but still chock full of great ideas.

If you find yourself in an expensive European city, with time to kill and no money to burn, there are plenty of free options to keep you entertained. Here are three great articles on free things to do in Rome (courtesy of Italy Logue), Amsterdam (from Amsterdam Logue), and Paris (from Paris Logue).

There are always lots of expert no-budget travelers hanging around the BootsnAll boards and a popular topic of conversation is Couchsurfing. We’re all familiar with the concept — sign up online, find a couch to crash on, return the favor when you can. But BootsnAll member learningtofly wants to know, “Are there any recommendations for Couchsurfing or warnings against it from people on here. Is it really as good as it sounds?”