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Start a Travel Rumor, Win Lufthansa Tickets

What is it that makes you want to visit a place? Sometimes, it’s just a rumor you’ve heard about what you can do or see or eat or (fill in the blank) there. Well, here’s your chance to start the rumor mill going all by yourself.

Lufthansa has launched a contest called RumorTravels, encouraging all of us to spread rumors. All you have to do is submit a travel rumor about a foreign country and why someone would want to visit that country to see if the rumors were true. You can submit a video, an essay, or both. And you can win two round-trip tickets to anywhere Lufthansa flies in Europe. Not too shabby.

And really, it’s not like it’s too hard to come up with some rumors worth making videos about. Some of the existing ones mention the rumors about beautiful girls in Sweden or beer drinking in Germany, so you know people aren’t exactly reaching on this one. You can top those, surely you can.

The RumorTravels contest ends on October 31, 2007, so get your rumor mill working soon.