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Starting a BootsnAll Blog

bloggingA friend of mine who works at the local coffeeshop is leaving in a few weeks to begin her Peace Corps career as a teacher in Bulgaria. She’s all kinds of excited and nervous all rolled into one, and she stopped me this morning when I went in to get my warm beverage to ask about setting up a travel blog. She’d seen the blogs on BootsnAll, but didn’t know anything about blogging, and wanted my input. We made plans to get together before she leaves so I can help her set one up and explain how the whole thing works.

And then I realized I don’t even know how the whole thing works.

I mean, yes, I blog here (and there and everywhere, it seems), but I didn’t know how the BootsnAll blogs actually worked – the ones we host for travelers. Why? Because I didn’t have my own. I know, bad me. Well, I decided I’d better learn a lil’ something about them before I sit down and try to act all knowledgeable with my friend, so I finally set up my own blog. I have no idea if I’ll actually end up using it, but it was a good test for me to play with the features. And y’know, we’ve got some pretty cool features in there!

Anyway, I’m excited to get her up and running with her own blog – now that I know how to do it myself – and can’t wait to read about her adventures in Eastern Europe.