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Summer Travel May Not Require a Big Budget

bikepathThere’s an old joke I love about a guy who, upon his death and arrival at the pearly gates, asks to get a tour of hell just to see what he’s avoided. Near the furnace where the devil himself is throwing the condemned into a gaping fiery hole, there’s a pile of people that every so often the devil adds to with a frustrated grunt. What, asks the visitor, is with that pile? Why aren’t they going into the furnace?

“Oh, them?” says Saint Peter, “They’re Oregonians. They’re too wet to burn.”

Haha, yes, we get it. It rains here. Quite a bit, in fact. But what people who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest may not know is that there are usually stretches of time during our long rainy season when the sun comes out in all her glory, making everything sparkle and giving us a hint of what’s coming up in the summer. (Before the skies open up and drown us again, of course.)

But although summers in this part of the world are fantastic, that doesn’t mean we don’t take the opportunity to get out of town and travel a bit. The prices on traveling in the summer months are often higher than at other times of the year, but even if your summer travel budget isn’t huge there are ways you can enjoy a trip this summer.

In the U.S., the unofficial start to summer is the three-day Memorial Day weekend coming up at the end of the month – and although it’s a popular time to travel (which means you won’t exactly have your vacation spot to yourself), that also means there’s a plethora of Memorial Day deals available. Around the BootsnAll office we shudder with displeasure when we hear the word “staycation,” and we would never suggest that taking a different route to get to the store is somehow “vacationing at home,” but we’re also willing to bet there are places in your own country you haven’t explored. I’m not so sure I’d be willing to fly all the way from Portland to Paris for a three-day weekend, but there are plenty of places nearby that would be excellent options for Memorial Day.

If getting out of town is more important to you than where exactly you end up, then be sure to sign up for last minute travel deal alerts. With most of these, you’ll get an email on (for instance) a Tuesday with flight deals for that coming Friday. Sometimes the flights listed are budget airline travel deals, but they’re also often on big-name airlines that are just looking to fill seats on their planes. The prices on these flights are often rock-bottom, and it’s a fun way to be spontaneous, visit a place you might not have had on your radar, and squeeze in a quick getaway without spending a fortune.

What does your summer hold? Is the summer when you plan your travels every year, or do you prefer to enjoy the weather in your own neck of the woods?

photo by Want2Know