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There are faces I remember…

Even though I’ve been a member of the BootsnAll community since February 2005, it wasn’t until this year that I finally got to meet some of my fellow community members. And with the year drawing to a close, I thought I’d reminisce a little bit about the folks I met this year…

This summer, a couple of groups came through the office after a summer get-together in Portland. That’s when I got to meet:

  • crackerjillian – Self-described “camp mom” (though I think she hates that now) and local hostess, she was the organizer of the summer gathering, and brought a few out-of-towners over to see BnA HQ.
  • Tracy Ann and BostonBill – Their Boston accents brought me back to my three-year stint in New Hampshire (that was the last time I’d heard anyone use “wicked” in a sentence when it wasn’t immediately followed by “witch”).
  • nerokerr – I know this will amaze anyone who’s tried to photograph him, but he actually stood in the BnA office for a good half-hour without making that hand symbol. Of course, no one whipped out a camera, either.
  • travelgirltiff – Another local, Tiff was playing hostess to LondonCard2, who had just recently begun his RTW trip. If I didn’t live in Portland and love it, I’d have a hard time believing that people actually choose to travel here… And I’m also glad that when they do, they swing by our office!

Then, of course, there was the BootsnAll Holiday Party – it was my 2nd, but since I was only at the first (last year) for a short time and didn’t really meet anyone, I don’t think it counts. This year I spent a brilliantly beautiful (and seriously cold) few days with the members who’d come from all over the place to celebrate the year with us:

  • static, Callilucy and Capt Steve – Three of our fabulous moderators who joined us for the festivities; they proved that not only can they smack down the spam, they can also party with the best of ’em. And yet Callilucy showed up early to help us set up, and the first time I saw static at the party, he was at a computer screen – moderating! Notably, I don’t think Steve did anything resembling work the entire weekend…
  • Sky Annie and Wayward Angel – These lovely Canadian representatives blessed us with their presence, and Wayward Angel made an “honorary Bootie” of our walking tour guide. She’s nothing if not welcoming! Sky Annie told me a story about what sounded like a very long drive in a very hot car in a very hot climate, and it sounded miserable… Yet she kept smiling. If that kind of thing doesn’t get you down, nothing will.
  • Zopa, Tracy Ann and BostonBill – This trio of East-Coasters were fighting for the title of who had come the furthest for the party. I’m still not sure who won, but they had a good time discussing it. (If it were up to me, I’d give the prize to BostonBill, but that’s mainly because he brought me a present. I’m a sucker for bribery.)
  • anniebanannie and BillE – These two spent an inordinate amount of time on the computers during the party, the evidence of which can be found on the boards from that night… They were amusing themselves, that’s for sure, as well as giving something of a running commentary for anyone who wasn’t in Portland.
  • Llalewyn – This guy became my new best friend when he said he thought I was a good ten years younger than I really am. And at this point, I don’t care if he really was joking (he assured me he wasn’t), I’m going to cherish that memory forever.
  • Dangermode – Along with his fellow Dan, Llalewyn, Dangermode appears in many a party photo, usually with someone of the female persuasion between the two of them. They called this delicacy a “Danwich.” Clever, clever boys.
  • trekker – The poor girl was nursing a Hot Toddy at the bar on Friday night, but it must’ve worked, because she seemed perfectly happy to party on Saturday! I think she went dancing, too…
  • travelgirltiff – She’s lucky to have celebrated her birthday Bootie style the last couple of years, and was kind enough to give me a sip of her ever-so pretty Midori Sour on Friday (I think we have similar taste in drinks – if it’s pretty and tastes like candy, I’m all over it).
  • Sideways Elephant-Orchids – As one of the people who reads and responds to member applications, I was amused by Aaron’s story – he’d encouraged his mother to apply to be a BootsnAll member, and when she sent in her application she was apparently really sweating it for the 24 hours or so before she heard back. For a moment I got nervous… “Did we let her in?” I asked. Thankfully, the answer was yes.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – BootsnAll members are some of the warmest and most welcoming people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Now I can’t wait to meet the next batch of BootsnAll members, whoever – and wherever – they are.