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Thomas Kohnstamm: Lonely Planet Writer, and a Liar

Lots of folks are buzzing this weekend and today about Thomas Kohnstamm (TK) and the move he pulled on Lonely Planet (LP). He seems proud of the fact that he deceived people. I feel for the folks at Lonely Planet. There products in general are awesome, and jack arses like this guy are gonna cause havoc once in a while.

Here’s a recap of what folks are saying around the web on this:
1st BBC article (where I found out about it)
Another BBC Article 5 minute audio on this one with folks from LP commenting on it
My Blog entry on it

I’m sure TK is happy about all the free PR he is getting. If you are a blogger, don’t link to him or his book is what I say. If you do link rel=”nofollow” the link.