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Tony Wheeler Visits Portland, Oregon

We were lucky to have Tony Wheeler, the co-founder of Lonely Planet Travel books stop by our office yesterday. He is currently on a book tour for his book, BadLands. I sat down with him for a bit over an hour to discuss the book, travel in general, LP the company, him as a person, and tech as it relates to LP. It was a lot of fun. We’ll be posting the video after it works its way through production.

I was super nervous before he came. There are not many people left in the world that I look up to in many ways anymore, but he is definately one of them. As we started our company back in late 1998, he was definately a person that we looked up to and was referred to in legendary way.

Here is a pic of Chris, Tony, and I.
Chris Heidrich, Tony Wheeler, and Sean Keener