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Travel and the Economy

I’m sure we’ve all seen our share of news about the current economic crisis, and some of us have worried about how it will affect our travel plans. But there are many good reasons why now is not necessarily a bad time to travel.

Christine at Almost Fearless lists six of them in The Economy is Falling Apart, Should I Travel?.

Jaunted rounds up a list of the cheapest places on earth in Adventures of Link: Meltdownomics.

Both of these articles bring up the point that the cost of living in other countries, especially non-western ones, can be a lot cheaper than living in the US. In times like these, when prices on almost everything are on the rise, it can be a good time to spend your money elsewhere. There’s a great thread on the BootsnAll boards about how far $20k can get you while traveling around the world.

You can also chime in on The Future of RTW Trips. How do you think the economy will affect world travel in the long run?