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As you might know, we have launched a series of new travel blogs, written by experts from different destinations or experts in certain types of travel. This next month, we plan to share with you the cool details about these innovative blogs.

One such blog is our Travel Gear Blog.

Travel Gear Blog

Travel Gear Blog provides reviews, news and up-to-date information of outdoor and travel products. It’s perhaps one of the most comprehensive sites for getting previews of new products that are relevant to travelers. Travel Gear Blog decides what gear is worthy of your money – the good, the bad, the bullshit, and the stuff you can put on your Christmas list.

I would encourage you to bookmark Travel Gear Blog, send it to your “gear head” friends, and read it on a daily basis.

Read our new press release for more information. And, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at donovan (at) Bootsnall (dot) com