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Travel Writers We Like on Twitter

Last week, I wrote about some of our favorite travel companies on Twitter – and while I love seeing companies in any industry embracing Twitter, I think most of the great travel Twitter conversations are happening between the travel writers themselves.

Whether these people write for their own blog, a group-maintained blog, or someone else’s website, I’m putting all of these accounts under the heading of “travel writers who Twitter” – because in my mind, if you write and you’re writing about travel, then you’re a travel writer. (I know some people will take issue with that, but them’s the breaks. It’s my list. Get your own.)

The list of travel writers I follow is extensive, and they use Twitter to varying degrees, but these are some of my favorite accounts – the ones I look forward to checking every day. It’s not always about travel, but it’s almost always entertaining.

Travel Writers Who Give Good Twitter (In No Particular Order. Really.)

The BootsnAll writers who are on Twitter are:

Did I miss your favorite travel writer on Twitter? Let me know in the comments!