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Travelers’ Century Club

There’s always arguments on the BootsnAll message boards about what’s a ‘better’ way to travel – to see as much as you can or spend more time appreciating where you are and learning about different cultures. The Oregonian had an article this weekend that highlighted one website that rewards the ‘see everything’ approach, called the Travelers Century Club.

I’ve visited the website before, and upon a return visit, recalled why I didn’t like it so much in the first place: it seems like I’ve barely traveled anywhere.

For those who are interested, the club is for members who have hit up at least 100 ‘countries’ – yes, a layover does count. Countries is a loose term…they actually recognize ‘regions’, with more than 315 in all.

As you’d expect, those who have spent some time island-hopping on a yacht or roaming around Europe ‘place higher’ than those who’ve driven across North American and back again in the same amount of time.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Check out their application and good luck!