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Traveler’s Toolkit 2.0

Every traveler has questions, whether it’s the first big trip or not. What makes a good hostel? How do I eat well on a budget? How do I get some sleep at the airport? All these questions and more have been answered by travel experts on BootsnAll over the years. Now they’re all in one convenient place, fully updated and organized, in our Traveler’s Toolkit. We call it our toolbox for all things travel — everything a traveler needs to know for a comfortable, safe, and fun trip.

Here are 3 of my favorite Toolkit tips:

To feel more comfortable at a hostel, act like the hostel is your home (within reason, of course). Do the things you would do back home like paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows, pray, or sleep with your teddy bear. Your routines will make you feel more comfortable. (From How to Survive Hostelling)

To beat loneliness when traveling alone, keep a journal or blog. When I kept a travel blog, I felt less lonely just knowing that my friends and family at home were keeping up with my adventures. Plus, instead of feeling isolated when sightseeing or wandering around, I kept in mind that I was collecting information for future log entries. (From Beating Loneliness on the Road)

To pack light, never bring more than one week’s worth of clothes, including underwear. If you are going for 8 or 9 days you might violate this rule, but for anything approaching two weeks or longer, you’ll want to pack only for one week, and then every week or so you can have laundry done. (From How to Pack Light: Tricks the Pros Use)

For more tips like these, click over to the Traveler’s Toolkit, and look for more updates to come in the near future!