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TravelMuse is Live: Get Inspiratred About Where to Travel

travelmuse250px.gifOne of the things we here at BootsnAll love about working in the travel business is hearing about great new online travel tools when they come out. This is one we just heard about, and we wanted to share it with you – it’s TravelMuse, a brand new website that’s just been launched in Beta. But oh, what a Beta it is.

In addition to offering some of the same kinds of travel tools as other online travel websites – like photography and travel guides – TravelMuse has come out with a tool that’s the only one of its kind on the interwebs. It’s called an “Inspiration Finder,” and the idea here is that if you’re looking for a particular kind of vacation, or a trip that would come in at a certain budget, or any number of other factors, but you’re not all that bothered about the where question, the Inspiration Finder will give you destination suggestions based on the factors you’re concerned about. It’s easier to understand if you go check it out yourself – it’s an easy interface, and actually kind of fun to use.


Another cool thing TravelMuse has put on its site is its Travel Planner, which lets you collect and organize all kinds of travel information for whatever trip you’re planning – and here’s the best part – that’s regardless of whether that information actually comes from TravelMuse itself or another website. So poke around the web to your heart’s content, and with the click of a button (which you’ll have once you download the TravelMuse Planner) you’ll save it to the website and can go back and find it again easily.

All in all, we’re pleased to see a site like TravelMuse come online, and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future.