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Trekker: BootsnAll Holiday Party 2008 Member Interview

We wanted to highlight some of the awesome BootsnAll members that will be in attendance at this year’s BootsnAll 10th Anniversary Party.

TrekkerBootsnAll Screen Name: Trekker
Member since: March 5th, 2004
Post Count: 526

What was your first passport stamp?

How did you find BootsnAll, &/or what attracted you to it?
Was looking to book a hostel in Asia and then later doing research for a trip to South Africa. Soon after met the BootsnAll crew from the office and never turned back.

What keeps you coming back to BootsnAll?
The people, the staff, the friends and all the information!!!

Is there a destination you have really liked in spite of it having a poor reputation?
Korea. It’s not a very popular destination from the sounds of it, most people only go for a few days. I ended up living there for 3 years. The people, the culture and the food, the fabulous food.

Do you have any upcoming trips? Where is next on your list?
RTW trip.

What is a place you’ve been to that you would go back to tomorrow given the chance?

How many miles will you be travelling to be at the BootsnAll Party?
+/- 200 miles.

What kind of boots do you have?

Any tips you found on BootsnAll or from other members on the forums that helped you on a trip?
When trying to decide on a month long trip in Europe the Bootie members were fantastic in their support on the chit chat forum.

Have you been to a BootsnAll party before? If so, what survival tips can you offer to any newbies?
Ibuprofen and water…..

Thanks for sharing, Trekker. Be sure to say hi to her if you’ll be joining us at the party!