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Wanted: Vitamin D

oahuIt’s about this time every year that we find ourselves dreaming of a winter getaway. The excitement of the holidays are over, the next three day weekend is months off, and summer seems years away (and yes, I realize that’s not a logical thought).

What to do? Well I’m always inclined to find a deal, so one of my favorite new features on BootsnAll Travel Deals is the “Dream” tab — where you enter your departing airport and the super-duper deals engine serves up random hot deals… Maui for $288 roundtrip, next week? Yes, please! Auckland in September? Why yes, I’d love to! A brilliant way to spend your lunch break, anyway.

Need more inspiration? Southwest Airlines is having a coast-to-coast beach sale, Hawaiian Airlines is doing a “secret season” winter sale, and of course JetBlue is always throwing around cheap fares.

Happy winter getaway planning!