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West Coast Party – East Coast Party

From time to time, BootsnAll members gather to talk about travel and to meet each other face-to-face. Two seperate groups of BootsnAllers are gathering for parties this coming February. For the New York party, people are coming from all over the Eastern seaboard (Boston, Washington DC, Florida), and there are even a few people coming from the West Coast. For the Seattle party, we have plenty of people from Portland and San Francisco cruising north to Seattle to hang out. You should come too! Everyone is invited just make sure to RSVP for the organizers.

New York Party
New York Details
Since so many people and coming from out of town there is going to be an unofficial gathering on Friday the 10th. We’ll all be getting together whenever people start to get in town. Saturday the 11th with be the official meetup. We will all be meeting for dinner at 7:00 at Spice on 60 University place btw 10 and 11th. You can take the 4,5,6,N,Q,R,W or L to 14th street/Union Square. Afterwards we are heading over to Union Bar on Park South btw 17th and 18th and then most likely onwards to some other places in the East Village.

RSVP Rachel at rachitabanana at hotmail dot com for more details.

Seattle Party
Seattle Party Details
Please RSVP Daisy Ko at kunosoura at gmail dot com for more details.