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Work is Fun, but it’s Still a Business

Note: This is (sadly) not the BootsnAll office.
Note: This is (sadly) not the BootsnAll office.

Sometimes at BootsnAll it’s easy to forget that we’re running an actual business. Sure, we all work hard every day – often more than the usual five workdays per week – but when you’re up to your eyeballs in awesome and inspirational travel stories all the time, that “work” stuff morphs pretty seamlessly into “fun.”

For instance, we hope you’ve been enjoying our “How I Travel” series as much as we have. Each week, we introduce you to a new person who talks about what travel means to them. We’ve featured notables in the travel-sphere such as Rolf Potts and Johnny Jet, as well as people like pro surfer Holly Beck, pro basketball player Coleman Collins, “Top Chef” winner Stephanie Izard, and Ben Harper percussionist Leon Mobley. We love reading about what people from different walks of life love about travel, and we look forward to the “How I Travel” profile every Tuesday.

If you’re more into photos than words – and the great pictures sprinkled through the “How I Travel” profiles aren’t enough to satisfy you – then you’ll want to check out our daily travel photo site at WhyGo. We feature a new and spectacular travel photo five days a week, all of which are submitted by BootsnAll readers and travelers like you. We love these photos, and love that we get swept off to a new and beautiful location each morning (while still sitting at our desks). To highlight some of the photos we post each month, we started a new feature last week – we’ll now be re-posting some of the best travel photos that are submitted, because looking at these pictures once just isn’t enough. Want to have your photo (and a link to your blog) featured on our site? Send in your travel photos!

You may have seen when we introduced our new BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform last month. Giving other people the opportunity to experience the giddy thrill of blurring the lines between “work” and “play” is something we’re extremely excited about. And yet all of the things we do that make us smile – the inspirational “How I Travel” series we publish, the beautiful travel photos we post, and the writers platform we set up to work with more passionate travel writers – all of it takes a well-oiled machine running behind the scenes. The stuff we sell on BootsnAll – from cheap air tickets to RTW tickets to cheap hotels in Hawaii – may not inspire oohs and aahs, but that’s the stuff that makes everything else possible.

In the end, we sincerely hope we help to make your travel dreams come true, and we hope that when you get to the part of your travel planning process where you’re booking things like flights, hostel stays, car rentals, tours – or anything else you need for your trip – you’ll think of BootsnAll and book with us. Thanks for your support!

photo by Giorgio Montersino