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Year-End Meeting Photos

We’ve just finished up our year-end meeting… And I’m exhausted. I woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning, and today it’s a full-fledged cold. Fabulous. Despite that, it was a great meeting. Lots of stuff to think about and accomplish in 2007. And for this newbie, it was the perfect chance to learn even more about the company and hang out with my coworkers.

It was frickin’ freezing out at theFarm – we took a walk on Thursday morning and I got a few pictures as evidence. You’ll also notice the post-Halloween item that had us completely freaked out – Chris’ toe socks. He claimed to not be wild about them, but then he wore them for two days straight. You be the judge.

Other photos include – our grill-master, Donovan, complete with his head-lamp (Sean called it Adventure Grilling); the four-legged visitor we had Friday morning; and apparently the only place anyone manages to get cellular reception up there.

I’m knighting myself the official BnA event photographer, as of this week.